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Black Racer


  • Average length is between 2 and 5 feet
  • Will feed on any animal that it can overpower, such as rodents, small birds, insects and smaller snakes
  • Are extremely comfortable and common in suburban envrionments

The southern black racer is one of the most common constrictor snakes found in Alabama. They are excellent climbers and feel very much at home in suburban environments. These snakes are very active and can be aggressive, even to the point of charging at people and other threats, however they are not venomous. As the name implies, black are very fast snakes. Overall the snake is black or very dark with a white chin. Our barrier method has proven itself effective at keeping these snakes out of your yard.

I just moved to the area and called Horizons for a quote. The office staff were very helpful in assessing my needs and getting me set up with an appointment. Horizons Professional Pest Control sent a technician the same day to take care of my problem. My technician, Chad, was very knowledgable and took so much time talking to me about what I needed and telling me how he was going to address those needs. So happy with my choice.

Leigh, Cahaba Heights, AL
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