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Common House Spider


  • Usually dull brown in color with darker chevron-shaped markings
  • Build tangled webs in small, secluded areas of your home
  • Diet consists of small insects such as flies, ants, wasps, and mosquitoes

The common house spider, or American house spider, is  a web building spider commonly found in houses. House spiders are not aggressive and will only bite a human in self-defense.

The house spider often serves as a benefit to homes by feeding on smaller pests. However they can become a pest themselves. Large numbers can indicate another type of pest infestation, since they need a food source. The house spider shares a similar body shape and size to black widows and the two are sometimes confused. If you suspect a black widow please call a pest control expert and do not approach the spider.

I had noticed that I was having a flea problem with my dog. I hired Horizons and followed their suggestions after they treated my yard and house. The service was wonderful and the fleas are gone! I have since hired them to do my pest service, mosquito service, and snake control. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

David, Vestavia, AL
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