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  • Very small insects between 0.5 to 5 mm long
  • Some species have wings while others are flightless

Thrips are very small insects with a slender body. Thrips is like sheep and moose in that it serves as both the plural and the singular form. They feed on both plants and animals including plants commonly found in gardens. Thrips are a common pest in large numbers and will enter homes to feed on indoor plants and even to bite humans.

Common signs of thrips include damage to flowers, gardens and other plant species. A home invasion of thrips will usually be visible with several of the small insects visible. Thrips are best combated with chemical sprays and sealing up of any cracks and entry ways into your home.

I had noticed that I was having a flea problem with my dog. I hired Horizons and followed their suggestions after they treated my yard and house. The service was wonderful and the fleas are gone! I have since hired them to do my pest service, mosquito service, and snake control. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

David, Vestavia, AL
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