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Worm Snake


  • Can release a foul odor when threatened or disturbed
  • Average length is less than 14 inches
  • Almost exclusively eats earthworms but will also eat slugs, snails, and insect larvae

Worm snakes are small snakes that not only feed on earthworms but share some characteristics as well. They are pinkish to dark brown in color with a very narrow head and small eyes. These snakes are burrowers and spend most of their time buried in the soil and under logs. Worm snakes are commonly found in the same soil as termites, since the termites create soil that is easy for these snakes to burrow in. If you discover worm snakes near your home, please consider getting an inspection for termites as soon as possible.

I had noticed that I was having a flea problem with my dog. I hired Horizons and followed their suggestions after they treated my yard and house. The service was wonderful and the fleas are gone! I have since hired them to do my pest service, mosquito service, and snake control. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

David, Vestavia, AL
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