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Mites are tiny arachnids that can become a serious pest in most homes. They are so small they often go unnoticed and can be a major cause of allergies.


  • Most mites measure less than a millimeter long
  • Many mites are parasitic and will cause skin irritation as they feed on humans and animals
  • Extremely divers group of invertebrates with over 48,000 species

To say that mites are tiny is an understatement. Often these arachnids are invisible to the naked eye and can thrive unnoticed in a variety of locations. They are adapted to almost every environment and feed on every type of food source. The majority of mites have no direct interaction with humans but some mites are pests. Some are parasites which feed on a variety of animals, others can cause allergies and asthma.

Controlling Mite Infestations

Mites are an extremely difficult pest to remove due to their hardy nature and their tiny size. Any solution should start with removing the food sources and maintaining a clean environment. Chemical sprays are often required to fully remove these annoying pests.

Common Mites in Alabama include:

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