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Bats are the only mammals that are capable of true flight. Bats are categorized into two main groups. Microbats who use their flying ability along with echolocation to catch flying insects, and megabats which typically feed on fruit, but they are not commonly found in Alabama.


  • Most bats are nocturnal insectivores and exclusively feed on insects, usually around evening and night
  • Bats front fingers support the wing and can not grab onto anything, which is why they hang from their feet
  • Many bats use echolocation to navigate in almost complete darkness

Bats are usually a beneficial animal, every night they can eat thousands of flying bugs such as mosquitoes. However bats commonly nest in attics and can be a pest. They are a nuisance and create a mess wherever they nest, but they can also spread diseases such as rabies. Bats create a very unhealthy environment with their droppings, called guano. This guano is an excellent food source for many invertebrates and can attract them into your home as well.

The most important step when dealing with bats is to remove their access points. All entry ways need to be sealed and inspected. Inspections should take place at dusk when the bats are active, and during the day when the bats are sleeping. Please call a pest control professional to learn more about eradicating bats.

Common Bats in Alabama include:

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