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Beetles are the largest group of insects with over 250,000 species in the world. Many beetles are beneficial but many are considered pests that should be eradicated.


  • All beetles have have front wings that develop into a hard outer shell
  • Beetles vary greatly in size from less than 1 millimeter to over 15 centimeters and include the largest insects known to man
  • Cockroaches are often mistaken as a type of beetle but lack the hard outer shell

Beetles are an incredibly diverse group of insects with different shapes, sizes, and functions. Some beetles, like ladybugs prey on other insects and can be beneficial, and other beetles eat dried food products and can contaminate entire pantries. However all beetles can be identified by their front wings which harden to form a protective shell. This gives adult beetles the appearance of having a line running down the center of their back.

Common Beetles in Alabama include:

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