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American Spider Beetle


  • The wing covers make the beetle look "humped" like a spider, hence the name
  • These beetles ruin more food with their droppings and their larvae's web then they do by eating
  • An extremely hardy beetle, the American spider beetle can go without water for seven years and will remain in "suspended animation" when food is rare

The spider beetle is a small beetle that often infests stored food products. These beetles lay their eggs on  dry food material and the larvae will feed on it. Common signs of the  spider beetle are their droppings and webbing that larvae spin during their transition into adulthood. The American spider beetle has a tan colored head and the front wings are fused to form a solid shell. The beetle is often confused for a spider with furry legs. If you discover these hardy pests, please call a pest control professional to discuss options.

Horizons Professional Pest Control is always on time and the services provided really work. My technician, Jeremy, is so nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Betty, Leeds, AL
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