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Ant Invaders

Pest Control Birmingham ALOne of the worst pests that can invade your home is ants. These nasty little creatures can get into your food, ruin your clothes and even result in painful, itchy bites. Many believe that ants are only a problem in the summer months but they can attack your home any time of year. In the winter months they will try to come in from the cold and find food. Regardless of what time of year they invade ants can be very difficult to get rid of. Often times Pest Control services are needed to rid your home of these unwanted guests. Today we are going to take a look at why ants seem to find their way inside the home, even when the weather outside is cooler.

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Ant Invaders 

Top Five Reasons Ants Come Inside During Wintertime

1. Food– If an ant colony does not have time to store enough food before winter, they will often risk death to acquire food. This is why you just might find a line of ants leading into your food pantry.
2. Dry Weather– Just like humans, ants need water to survive. When the weather outside is dry, many ants will look to your home for another source of hydration. You may find ants under cabinets that have leaking pipes or around dripping faucets. In order to get rid of ants that are looking for water, you will need to fix any leaks right away.
3. Division of the Colony– Similar to bees, ants often divide their colonies when a new queen arrives. This can cause ants to look for a safe place during the winter months and your home is a perfect fortress.
4. Too Much Water– If the winter months are unseasonably wet, ants will seek safety inside your home. This can be an aggravating problem and one of the hardest to get control of. Pest Control services are normally needed in this situation.
5. Competition– Oftentimes if your yard is full of ant beds some of the colonies will move. When they do, they may make a beeline for the inside of your home. Be sure to keep your yard free of ant beds.

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