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Pest Control Birmingham AL – All About Bats

Bats often get a bad rap.  Many people think that all bats have rabies, which actually isn’t true.

In fact only 1% of bats ever contract rabies.

Another interesting fact is that bats keep down the bug population! A single colony of bats can eat over a ton of insects each year, over 600 million bugs! A single bat can eat over 600 bugs in an hour!

According to Bat Conservation International, 150 big brown bats can eat enough cucumber beetles in one summer to save farmers a billion dollars a year.

So they aren’t the cutest things in the world but they do have an important role in our environment.

All that being said, no one wants them in their house!

A bat colony can grow pretty fast and they do live a long time (up to 20 years) so if they have set up residence in your attic it’s probably a good idea to get rid of them.

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Odor and Damage to Your Home

A large problem when it comes to bats building a colony in your attic is the VERY strong and bad odor from their droppings, which are called guano.  The piles of droppings will grow quickly and the odor will permeate through your home. The odor, which is very unpleasant, is also a health threat to humans.

In addition to the bad smell, bats will chew into the walls and damage your insulation and wiring, which can be extremely dangerous.

What to Look for

It’s about to get colder so bats will be looking for a warm place to live. If you see, hear or smell any evidence that bats may have taken up residence in your home it’s a good idea to call us immediately.

Bats are actually endangered species and it’s illegal to harm them.  We have a great process of getting rid of them so that they are safely removed and don’t come back.

Once we remove the bats from the nest and plug up any areas so they can’t get back in, they won’t come back. Check out this video footage of the bat removal  process. We do not recommend that you try this alone; call us so we can safely and effectively remove the bats.

Call Us

Horizons Professional Pest Control is a local, family owed business that has been proudly serving the Birmingham-metro area since 2000.

Horizons is licensed and bonded to provide a variety of services including: regular pest control services (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly), termites bonds, pest removal, flea treatments, bed bug treatments, mosquito and tick barriers, and german cockroach baiting services.

We want to help you to keep your home safe. Give us a call at (205) 970-0577.

Pest Control Birmingham AL - All About Bats
Article Name
Pest Control Birmingham AL - All About Bats
Pest Control Birmingham AL - Bats aren’t the cutest things in the world but they do have an important role in our environment. Call us at (205) 970-0577.