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Pest Control Birmingham AL – Cleaning to Keep Pests Away

Pest Control Birmingham ALFrom cleaning behind your kitchen appliances to washing your shower curtain, there is plenty of cleaning you can do to discourage pests from settling in your home. Thankfully, these are things that you don’t have to do every day, but when they are done on a regular basis pests will opt to stay away.

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Areas to Clean


Thanks to dark corners and an abundance of clutter, spiders, rodents, and other pests love to create their own home in your basement. To deter them, now is the time to get rid of any clutter. In addition, take everything out of cardboard boxes and put it in plastic containers with tight lids. Check for any crevices and cracks and be sure to seal them using a silicone based caulk.


There is no denying that ants absolutely love kitchens, but there are ways to deter them. For example, take everything out of your pantry and cabinets. Get rid of anything that’s stale and/ or out of date. Clean the inside of your cabinets and put down fresh shelf paper. Then, move on to pulling out your appliances. After you have gotten over the shock of how much dust and crumbs are underneath and behind them, it is time to sweep, vacuum, and mop. Finally, go over your countertops and floor thoroughly. Be sure to get everything from the tiny bit of space behind your sink to the baseboards.


Silverfish and cockroaches are fond of water, so start by getting rid of any water sources in the bathroom. Be sure to check your pipes, faucets, and toilets to determine if there is any leaking. If so, get these leaks fixed as soon as possible. Take down your shower liner and curtain and wash them thoroughly. Finally, take the opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinet.

If despite your best efforts, you do notice a pest infestation, contact a pest control service provider to get the situation under control as quickly as you can.

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