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Pest Control Birmingham AL – Get Rid of Asian Beetles!

They are everywhere! All huddled up in the corners of your ceiling and flying around landing in your morning coffee! When will this madness stop? Actually, why is it happening at all?

These aren’t the ladybugs your grandmother warned you about. Remember she said if you kill them you’d get bad luck?

These multicolored Asian lady beetles are not the ladybug native to America–nor are they Japanese beetles.

Its scientific name Harmonia axyridis, is a lot like lady beetles native to North America. They are similar, though not identical, in appearance, and both are helpful in getting rid of aphids and other small garden pests.

The interesting difference between these and your normal (nice) ladybugs is they spend the winter outdoors. You can thank our agricultural scientists for bringing them here to the United States. They were originally transplanted here to because they are more aggressive aphid-eaters (small garden pests that destroy plants).

However, accidently they have become more interested in being inside instead. If you see a bunch of them all huddled then you can assume they are Asian.

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Have you discovered their smell yet?

If you startle or squish them, you will discover their one destructive power: it’s called reflex bleeding, and it involves emitting a foul-smelling yellow substance from their leg joints.

The bad thing is they get into every crevice even in behind your light switches!

The good news is they aren’t coming inside to reproduce (they won’t reproduce indoors); they simply want a place to get warm and hibernate.

What’s the best way to get rid of them? Just vacuum them up and throw away the bag!

As a preventative measure going forward make sure your caulk is done well all around your house around your windows and doors. Make sure that your screens don’t have any holes in them.

Also if you’re really desperate you may want to even consider painting your house! Apparently they are more attracted to lighter colored houses than they are dark.

Whatever you do, just don’t squash them! You’ll be sad you did!

Also just a note about other more invasive pests like mice and even ants, keep Horizon’s Pest Control in mind!

December is actually one of our busiest times! People don’t want to be worrying about pests when they are having family in for the holidays.

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