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Pest Control Birmingham AL – Tips to Keep Pests Away

Pest Control Birmingham AL

Horizons Professional Pest Control is a family owned business that has been providing quality pest control services to the Birmingham-metro area for over 13 years.

Our highly trained technicians are courteous professionals and your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions that are based on your individual needs.

 The majority of pest control problems can be solved through prevention and maintaining a clean environment.

 Pest Control Birmingham AL – Tips for a Pest Free Home

  1.  Have your home inspected for termites yearly. It’s better to pay the inspection fee than find out your home is being eaten away.
  2. Don’t leave food on the counter over night, most household bugs are nocturnal and come out to eat at night.
  3. Make sure you seal trash containers.
  4. Seal all open areas around your home, Insects and other pests will take advantage of any opening they can find.

Horizons is licensed and bonded to provide a variety of services including: regular pest control services (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly), termites bonds, pest removal, flea treatments, bed bug treatments, mosquito and tick barriers, and German cockroach baiting services. We look forward to serving your pest control needs.

 We’re just a phone call away (205) 970-0577.