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Pest Control Birmingham AL – You Should Always Stay On Top of Pest Problems

Pest Control Birmingham AL Pests are very bad for both our health and our well being. Keeping in control of the pest by utilizing a pest control service is the only surefire way to keep them out. Homes, hotels, warehouses and commercial spaces all face pest problems. Below is a list of the most common pests that you will encounter in many different types of facilities.

Pest Control Birmingham AL – Five Common Pests

  1. Ants – Ants can cause major damage and even contaminate food. The major issue with ants is that fact that they are highly social insects. When you see a few around your facility you can bet that there are thousands and maybe even millions lurking in the background. A major ant infestation can cost you tons of money, stopping them in their tracks is a wise decision.
  2. Bed bugs – These nasty bugs can literally suck the life out of you. In the past bed bugs were thought to have been eradicated but they have made a serious comeback. While bed bugs do not carry disease they can leave you with a nasty rash. Recently, many hotels have battled bed bug infestations and it is a costly process. At the first sign of just one single bed bug, it’s a good idea to contact a pest control service.
  3. Flies – Flies can really be nasty. These flying insects can carry over 100 different germs that cause all sorts of diseases. Flies can quickly contaminate food making you very sick. By keeping food covered you can keep flies out. Also, keep trash cans clean and get rid of any food waste that may attract flies.
  4. Rodents – Rodents have been a pest for thousands of years. Not only can they be vectors for disease they can also destroy property. A great way to keep rodents out of your facilities is to allow your custodial staff to work hand in hand with a pest control service to remove these pests.
  5. Cockroaches – Cockroaches are a common pest that everyone has had to deal with at one time. Not only do they freak most people out they can spread allergens that one in five children have sensitivity too. Cockroaches can even cause asthma symptoms to flare up. These pests can even cause food born illness when they contaminate cooking utensils and food products. To stop a cockroach infestation, you are going need to be proactive and work with your pest control service to get rid of them completely.

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