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Acrobat Ant


  • When viewed from above, the abdomen is shaped like a heart
  • When threatened, these ants lift their abdomen above their head
  • Many species of acrobat ants release a foul smell when disturbed

Acrobat ants are a family of ants known for raising their abdomens over their head when threatened. Most species build their nests within woods, usually trees, but indoors they will nest within wood that has been damaged by termites or carpenter ants. These ants can be confused for an active termite infestation. They also nest in other damp places where they can easily build nests. Check for signs of water damage if these ants are found in your home.

Acrobat ants are small and sometimes called valentine ants due to their heart shaped abdomens. They are small, most workers are less the 4 millimeters and build their nests in hidden places. This can make them difficult to get rid of. Please call a Horizons professional to discuss options for eradicating these ants.

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Faye, Hoover, AL
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