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American Cockroach


  • These roaches are reddish-brown with a yellow band located behind the head
  • Large populations can emit a "musty" odor that be used to detect an infestation
  • Will eat any food that it can find, but prefers to feed on decaying matter

The American cockroach is among the largest cockroaches that invade homes. They are very common in sewer systems and garden beds but will enter homes and infest areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Especially if there is easy access to food and water.  They are very active and quick roaches and will fly if startled. If you notice these roaches in or near your home please consult a pest control expert before the infestation grows.

Eliminating roaches is a multistep process that starts without creating an environment that is not appealing to roaches. Your Horizons technician will discuss a detailed plan with you to ensure that your home remains pest free in the future.

Very impressed with the service. The service tech gave us details about how he was going to treat the pest problem. The results were quick and effective.

Mike, Pelham, AL
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