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Boxelder Bug


  • This bug is black with red lines along the sides and thorax, and flat red wings
  • Adults feed almost exclusively on the seeds of Acer species
  • Often confused with "stink bugs" since they will release a odorous compound when disturbed or threatened

The boxelder bug is a true bug that feeds on the seeds of box elder trees. They spend most of the year outside, however during winters they can enter your home in large numbers to survive the cold weather.

Boxelder Bugs are usually only a problem during the winter, when they try to enter your house in large numbers, earning their status as a garage beetle. Warning signs of a winter infestation involves large numbers of these bugs on the sunny side of your home. They will remain inactive over the winter and enter the living space of your home during the spring in search of food and water. Prevent this invasion before it becomes a problem by sealing all entry ways and cracks as well as regular spray treatment.

I was pleased by their professional appearance and service. I had them spray my office and my home. They were very thorough and the service was effective.

Sharon, Helena, AL
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