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Camel Crickets


  • The extremely long antennae are used to navigate dark spaces
  • The camel cricket is completely harmless but may jump towards objects that it perceives as threats
  • These crickets do not normally invade homes and indicate large entryways that are not sealed

Camel crickets, sometimes referred to as cave crickets, are distinguished by their extremely long antennae and rear legs as well as their lack of wings. They sometimes will take residence in basements and cellars but are usually accidental invaders. They require a humid environment so please check for moisture problems if you discover these crickets. Camel crickets also indicate that your home is not properly sealed and other pests can easily access your home. If this crickets are sighted, please call a pest control professional to hear about our pest proofing services.

Very impressed with the service. The service tech gave us details about how he was going to treat the pest problem. The results were quick and effective.

Mike, Pelham, AL
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