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Crane Fly


  • A stick like body with extremely long and thin legs
  • Unlike other flies, the crane fly is actually a very poor flier

The crane fly is a large slender insect with large wings that is sometimes confused for a large mosquito. They are actually a type of true fly. The females posses ovipositors that appear similar to stingers, but are completely harmless and only used during reproduction.

The adult crane fly may look menacing but it feeds on nectar or nothing at all and only lives for a few days. Their larvae often attack turf grass and other vegetation. This can cause damage to your yard as well as attract predators that cause further damage as they try to dig out the food source. While the adults only live for a few days, they indicate that your house is not properly sealed and other pests are likely getting in as well. Call today to hear about our pest proofing services.

Very polite, professional and thorough in their work.

Anne, Alabaster, AL
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