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Dampwood Termite


  • Relatively large termites, soldiers can be over 2 centimeters and have very large heads
  • Build their nests within the wood they are feeding on instead of underground
  • There is no worker class in these colonies

Dampwood termites are a relatively uncommon termite and pose the least risk to buildings of all the termites. As the name implies, dampwood termites feed on damp and sometimes decaying wood. They do not like wood that has been dried out, and all wood that is used for construction has been dried. If a building is infested with dampwood termites it usually indicates that there is a moisture problem that needs to be addresses. They do not nest underground but instead prefer to nest within the wood that they feed upon. The wood can appear normal from the outside, but the inside will be a hollow nest.

The individual termites are rather large, and have big heads in comparison to their bodies. There is no worker class within dampwood colonies, instead the work is done by immature termites. Colonies are typically smaller than other termites but can easily cause large amounts of damage. Learn about termite control here, or call a pest control professional today to learn more about dealing with this pests.

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