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Deer Mouse


  • Tail is distinctly two toned with a dark upper side and a light under side
  • Mice's teeth never stop growing so the mice must constantly wear them down by chewing
  • Deer mice have a relatively slim body and dark beady eyes

The deer mouse is a small rodent with brownish-red to gray fur and a white belly. The mouse lives in open fields but during the winter they seek out warm shelter.Once these mice make their way inside they rarely decide to leave on their own and can cause damage with their chewing and spread disease. Deer mice are famous for their ability to reproduce at a rapid rate. Deer mice are especially shy and usually create nests in attics and basements away from human activity.

Common signs of these rodents is their droppings, which are small, pointed cylinders. They often have bits of hair embedded in them from the mouse grooming itself. Please use gloves when cleaning up their droppings. Deer mice are known carriers of hantavirus. Other signs are footprints, the mice themselves, and shavings from where the mice chew on objects. Rodent’s teeth never stop growing and they must constantly chew in order to file them down.

Eradicating these mice from your home starts with pest proofing and includes both chemical and physical methods of prevention. Call Horizons today to receive a free estimate and learn more about these pests.

I was having a terrible mosquito problem in my backyard. Since I have been using their mosquito services, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my yard. I also use them for annual termite and monthly pest services, they are great. Love my technician, Ken.

Marie, Homewood, AL
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