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Drywood Termite


  • Live and feed on dry wood such as that found in attics
  • Can be identified by their feces which looks like small hexagonal pellets
  • These termites do not require underground nests and are much harder to detect

Drywood termites, as the name implies, eat and live within dry wood. Unfortunately one of the most abundant sources of dry wood is within homes and other buildings. These termites are much less dependent on humid environments and can build nests in areas that have no connection to the ground such as attics. Here these termites can eat away at wood for long periods of time without being noticed. Like the dampwood termite, drywood termites do not have a worker class and the work is performed by juvenile termites. One of the major indicators of these termites is their feces. These termites need to preserve as much water as possible and this leads to distinct hexagon shaped particles that pile up outside of nests. The other common sign is the swarmers, which usually appear in the spring and leave piles of wings behind.

Controlling these termites is difficult and should be done by a termite control professional. Annual inspections should be performed to eliminate any infestation before it becomes a problem. When dealing with termites, a little bit of prevention goes a long way. Lean about termite control here and call Horizons to speak with a termite expert today.

They did an excellent and professional job. I would definitely recommend and use their service again.

Charles, Cahaba Heights, AL
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