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  • Despite urban legends, these insects do not burrow into people's ears to lay their eggs
  • Most earwigs have small wings but are very poor fliers and can only manage short distances at a time
  • Earwigs release pheromones which causes them to gather in large numbers

Earwigs are nocturnal insects that feel right at home in basements, cellars, and other dark areas of the house. They are scavengers that will eat almost any food that they find. They are easily identified by the large pincers on the rear of the insect. They use these pincers to defend from predators and to spar with other earwigs. These pests are usually found hiding under items and within cracks. They often go unnoticed but are fairly common insects.

If you find these pests in your home there is a good chance that your home is not properly sealed. They are attracted to water, darkness, and small spaces. The first step in removing these pests is removing their hiding places. If the infestation continues please talk a pest control professional.

Ken was great and went above and beyond. I really did not realize the importance of a pest control contract.

Meghan, Leeds AL
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