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Eastern Garter Snake


  • Average length of 2 feet with some individuals growing up to 4 feet
  • Markings include stripes that run the length of the body
  • Most garter snakes release a foul smell when harmed or threatened

The Eastern Garter Snake is a common snake in the US. It is just at home in the forest as it is in open fields. Most garter snakes can be identified by yellow stripes running down the length of its body, which is usually green or brown. The garter snake is not considered a venomous snake, although their saliva is toxic to small animals.

The garter snake is extremely thin for its length and never reaches lengths greater than 4ft, the average length is around 2ft. In northern climates the garter snake hibernates in large groups, but it is active year round in warm, southern climates. It is often found near water and feeds on many small aquatic animals. These snakes are frequently in yards and near homes, learn about our snake control and how we can keep snakes out of your yard.

Very professional, courteous, and conscientious. They called ahead to inform me of a delay in their arrival. Very impressed and appreciative! Have decided to do business with them in the future.

Edward, Birmingham, AL
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