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Eastern Pipistrelle


  • One of the smallest bats found in North America
  • Often called the tricolored bat and their fur can range from yellow to red to brown
  • The females form colonies that raise their young and feed together

The eastern pipistrelle is a very common bat in Alabama. They are quick and agile hunters and while feeding, can catch an insect as fast as every 2 seconds. They usually roost in trees and are exposed to sunlight more than most bats. They can however nest in attics and other areas of the house. They can carry diseases and their dropping attract insects. If you spot these bats in or near your home please call a pest control professional to learn more.

Horizons Professional Pest Control is always on time and the services provided really work. My technician, Jeremy, is so nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Betty, Leeds, AL
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