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Eastern Red Bat


  • The eastern red bat is a small bat that usually nests in trees
  • Males have distinctly red fur while females are more chestnut colored
  • These bats are usually solitary animals but will migrate in large flocks

The eastern red bat is a very common species of bat found in Alabama. They do not form colonies but instead live most of their lives in solitude. Generally speaking, this bat is considered beneficial because it feeds on many flying insects and generally nests in trees. However these bats can make their homes in attics especially when they hibernate over winter. If these bats make their way into your home please call a pest control professional to learn the best options for removing them.

I have been using Horizons Professional Pest Control since 2003, they are great. They are always on time and professional. Their services are very effective and their prices can't be beat.

Frank, Alabaster, AL
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