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Field Ant


  • Typically make their home in fields, grassy areas, and gardens
  • Their mounds are often confused for fire ants but field ants do not sting, however they will bite
  • Field ants normally stay outdoors, but can be a lawn pest and a nuisance on decks and patios

Field Ants encompasses a large family of ants called Formica and can range from 4 millimeters to 8 millimeters. They also range in colors from yellow to red or black. They are typically identified by their mounds that they build in grassy areas and gardens as they build their nest underground. Because of their mounds and their coloration they are often confused for the southern fire ant. These scavengers will come inside if they find food so if you spot these pests please call a pest control professional to learn about possible solutions.

Very impressed with the service. The service tech gave us details about how he was going to treat the pest problem. The results were quick and effective.

Mike, Pelham, AL
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