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Fire Ant


  • Infamous for their painful sting and aggressive nature
  • Dig distinctive sandy mounds that are especially noticeable after rain
  • Colonies can be as large as 500,000 individuals

Fire ants are an invasive species that have thrived in the southern US. They are burrowing ants that build mounds in sunny spots such as lawns. Fire ants are not a common household pest since they tend to avoid shade and dark areas, but will venture inside if there is food to be found. Fire ants are well known for their sting. They sting aggressively and in large numbers by biting onto the victim and injected venom through their stinger. Please call Horizons today to learn more about how to protect your yard and family from these painful pests.

I was pleased by their professional appearance and service. I had them spray my office and my home. They were very thorough and the service was effective.

Sharon, Helena, AL
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