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Cat Fleas


  • Cat fleas are the most common fleas found on Earth
  • Cat fleas are not specific to cats but will live on any furry mammal
  • A common sign is constant scratching by pets

The cat flea is the most common type of flea on Earth and if your pet has fleas than it is most likely cat fleas. They are very similar to the dog flea but the head is shaped slightly differently. Like the dog flea, the cat flea does not discern between cats and dogs but will live on any mammal that is covered in fur. The cat flea lives on its host and feeds on its blood. They are extremely hardy insects and can live for several months without food. However the female must feed on blood before laying eggs. Dog fleas do not live on humans due to our lack of fur, but will bite humans when in close proximity. These pests are capable of spreading diseases to both humans and your pets.

If you find these fleas, please call a Horizons professional to discuss options to protect your home and pet. The best method of dealing with fleas is prevention by maintaining a clean environment and washing the bedding and fabrics that your pet comes in contact with. Our methods have proven to be very effective in removing these pests.

I was not happy with old pest control provider. I felt like they were charging me a lot and I was not seeing results. I called Horizons Professional Pest Control and within 2 months of monthly services, my pest issues were resolved and I saved money too!

Faye, Hoover, AL
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