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Formosan Termite


  • Create massive colonies that can quickly devastate a structure
  • Soldiers release a milky white substance when threatened

Formosan termites are an invasive species of subterranean termite that causes much more damage in a shorter period of time. They are often called the super-termite, because of the amount of damage they cause and are becoming more and more common throughout Alabama. While the individual termites do not consume much more wood than a native subterranean termite, these colonies are threatening because they grow so large and are less dependent upon the ground for moisture.


Formosan termites are very similar to native subterranean termites but there are some characteristics that will tell them apart. Formosan termite soldiers have a more oval shaped head and release a white milky fluid when threatened. Native subterranean termite soldiers have a more rectangular head and do release any fluids. The swarmers will have a slightly larger and rounder wing but this can be hard to determine. No matter the type, please call a termite control professional immediately if you find termites in or near your home or building.

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Frank, Alabaster, AL
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