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Head Lice


  • These small parasites live in the hair on a human's head and feed on their host's blood
  • Lice can not survive off of the human body for very long, but can easily spread through hats or combs
  • The eggs are known as nits, and this is where we get the phrase "nit-picking"

Head lice are an irritating parasite that feeds on blood and is found only on the scalps of humans. They can easily spread and are not necessarily a sign of uncleanliness. They are most commonly found near the baseline of the neck and around the ears. A common sign is black powder-like substance found on the neck that is caused by their feces.

Lice can be very difficult to remove and typically require some combination of manual removal and chemical products. The lice lay their eggs, called nits, and attach them to human hair and should be removed with nit combs. All clothing should be washed at high temperatures and special shampoos should be used. For more information please call a pest control professional today.

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Marie, Homewood, AL
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