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Indian Meal Moth


  • These moths are the most common pest of stored food
  • Easily identified by their bi-colored wings
  • The adults lay their eggs in food that the larvae eats upon hatching

Indian meal moths are the most common pest of dry food goods. They are small to medium sized moths that lay their eggs within the food to provide their caterpillars with a food source. The adults do not actually eat the food, but lay their eggs there.  The caterpillars contaminate the food and spin silk threads as they do so.

Any food that these pests have gotten to should be discarded. All food products should be properly sealed in plastic or metal containers with tight fitting lids. A clean environment is often effective in eliminating these moths but  chemical applications are often required. Talk to a Horizons technician today to discuss pest control options for these moths that is kitchen safe.

Very professional, courteous, and conscientious. They called ahead to inform me of a delay in their arrival. Very impressed and appreciative! Have decided to do business with them in the future.

Edward, Birmingham, AL
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