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Kissing Bug


  • Feed on blood that is usually taken from the victims face
  • These bugs are attracted to lights and are sometimes found flying around porch lights
  • Bites do not normally cause a reaction and may be confused with other skin irritations

Kissing bugs may seem like they are named for their sweet behavior but in fact they are named for the fact that they normally feed on blood drawn from the face of many mammals. They commonly invade humans and humans that have been bitten, were typically not aware of the bug and had little reaction. Some people do exhibit allergic reactions to the saliva but symptoms are mild. However these pests feed often and are know the carry the Chagas disease.

Removal of these pests involves blocking their entrances but also removing their food sources. These bugs often feed on small mammals such as squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoons, and removing their nests is an important step in the process. Homeowners should ensure that all entry ways into the house are properly sealed and chemical sprays may be required. Talk to a pest control professional to learn more.

They did an excellent and professional job. I would definitely recommend and use their service again.

Charles, Cahaba Heights, AL
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