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Leaffooted Bug


  • These large bugs feed on vegetables, fruits, and other plants
  • They are not known to cause damage and do not bite humans

Leaffooted bugs are relatively large bugs that primarily feed on plants. They are named for the shape of their back leg which has a flat, leaf-like projection.They are not a common home invader, but will sometimes enter the home during the winter in search of warmer places. They are usually not noticed until the spring when they try to make their way back outside. They don’t cause any damage or lay eggs inside and can easily be removed. Sighting these bugs within the home is a sign that your home is not properly sealed and other bugs are likely to be coming in as well. Talk to a pest control expert today to hear about our pest proofing services.

Ken was great and went above and beyond. I really did not realize the importance of a pest control contract.

Meghan, Leeds AL
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