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Mole Crickets


  • Shares many characteristics with the true mole such as powerful digging claws
  • Mole crickets are powerful fliers but lack agility and are unable to fly long distances
  • These crickets can damage lawns with their tunnels and by feeding on roots

Mole crickets are fairly large crickets that are built very differently than most crickets. They have adapted to to live almost exclusively underground, which means that they often go unnoticed. They are a common pest that can damage lawns and sometimes make their way into basement sand other dark humid areas.If you find mole crickets in your house please consult a pest control expert.

I have been using Horizons Professional Pest Control since 2003, they are great. They are always on time and professional. Their services are very effective and their prices can't be beat.

Frank, Alabaster, AL
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