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  • Extremely short and powerful front claws that are built for digging tunnels
  • Burrows that are close to ground level create distinct ridges
  • Due to underground lifestyle, the eyes and ears are very small and usually covered with fur

The most common mole in Alabama is the Eastern Mole. These small mammals dig elaborate tunnel systems in order to feed on earthworms, grubs. and small insects. They very rarely eat plant matter but their tunnels can easily damage lawns and gardens. The majority of a mole’s tunnel system is too deep to leave visible ridges so homeowners often underestimate the number of moles that are active.

Since the mole spends the majority of its life underground it has adapted a unique body that can dig tunnels at a rate of over 3 feet per hour. They eyes and ears serve little purpose underground, they function poorly and are usually covered with fur. The front claws are very wide and short, and they are extremely powerful for the animal’s size. Moles almost never enter homes and the most effective method of dealing with moles is to set traps outside of their feeding tunnels. Talk to a pest control professional to learn more.

Very polite, professional and thorough in their work.

Anne, Alabaster, AL
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