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Norway Rat


  • Large rats that can weigh over a pound, are covered in brown to gray fur
  • Live in underground burrows and entere homes at night in search of food
  • Leave grease stains on surfaces that they run over

The Norway rat, sometimes called the brown rat, is a large rodent with brown to gray fur and a white belly. The rat lives in underground burrows and is active at night, often going unnoticed. In fact, seeing an active Norway rat during the day is a sign of a rather large infestation. These rats enter homes and other buildings at night to find food.

Common signs of these rodents is their droppings, which are capsule shaped and approximately 20 millimeter long. Another sign is the grease trail that rats leave behind when they rub their oily bodies on their trails. The darker this stain, the larger the number of rats that use it.

Eradicating these rats from your home starts with pest proofing and includes both chemical and physical methods of prevention. Call Horizons today to receive a free estimate and learn more about these pests.

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