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Odorous Ants


  • Create large colonies, up to 100,000 ants, and multiple colonies are known to live in close proximity
  • Workers release a rotten coconut like smell when crushed
  • Usually invade homes when populations are large and heavy rain washes away their food sources

The odorous ants prefer to feed on sweets such as fruits and nectar in warmer weather, but will also eat insects and other prey depending on the needs of the colony. They live in massive colonies and if food and water sources are plentiful can even create super colonies. They don’t often enter the home but when they do, they can be difficult to remove since their nests are hidden. The correct treatment for these ants will depend on the colonies status and is best determined by a pest control professional. Please call Horizons to learn more.

Very impressed with the service. The service tech gave us details about how he was going to treat the pest problem. The results were quick and effective.

Mike, Pelham, AL
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