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Oriental Roach


  • Is one of the few cockroaches that are incapable of flight
  • Like many roaches, large populations can emit a musty odor
  • Oriental roaches are typically shiny black but can vary

These large cockroaches prefer to live outdoors but will venture inside in search of food and water. They also thrive in semi-outdoor spaces such as porches and sewers. In fact, oriental cockroaches are known for their preference of eating garbage, and decaying matter. They are very dependent upon water and usually only found in areas of high moisture.

Sighting these roaches indoors is a definitive sign that your building is not properly sealed. Learn more about our pest proofing services here. Oriental roaches can spread diseases rapidly due to their fondness for filth and garbage. Talk to a pest control professional today to learn about how we can eliminate roaches from your home.

Very impressed with the service. The service tech gave us details about how he was going to treat the pest problem. The results were quick and effective.

Mike, Pelham, AL
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