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Phorid Humpbacked Fly


  • Closely resemble the fruit fly, but the body has a distinct humped back when viewed from the side
  • Are particularly fond of decaying animals as a site to lay their eggs
  • Are poor fliers and will often run and can be identified by their erratic flight

The Phorid Humpbacked fly is a small fly that is sometimes confused for a fruit fly or a gnat. They are poor fliers and sometimes called the scuttle fly because it often runs from threats instead of flying. They are frequently found in kitchens around trash cans and clogged drains. The first step in removing these flies is to maintain a clean environment to prevent these flies from laying eggs.

These flies are being studied as a hopeful means of fire ant control. They are known to lay their eggs actually within the fire ant and the larvae feeds upon its host upon hatching. Populations of Phorid flies have proven to be quite effective and are being introduced in various areas to control fire ant populations. However flies within the home should be removed. Please call a pest control professional today to learn more.

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