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  • Raccoons are well known for their masked face and striped tail
  • Trash cans are a very common target for raccoons as they search out food

The raccoon is a medium sized nocturnal mammal that makes itself at home in suburban areas. They are very curious animals and of relatively high intelligence. Their activities can be quite a nuisance for home and business owners. They have adapted well to human structures and will often invade to make their nests.

Raccoons are clever pests that can be a serious nuisance. They can damage plants and grass as well as tip over trash cans in search of food. They become especially troublesome when they use human structures to nest in, such as attics, crawlspaces, basements and chimneys. They can cause damage very quickly and have been know to carry diseases. If you have raccoons the most important thing is to seal up possible entry ways and maintain a clean environment with sealed and secure trash cans. Our pest proofing service can help prevent raccoons from invading your home and our live trapping will protect your entire property.

I was having a terrible mosquito problem in my backyard. Since I have been using their mosquito services, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my yard. I also use them for annual termite and monthly pest services, they are great. Love my technician, Ken.

Marie, Homewood, AL
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