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Rat Snake


  • Medium bodied snake that average between 4 to 6 feet
  • Produce a foul odor if attacked by a predator to act as a deterrent
  • Rat Snakes are excellent swimmers although they prefer dry environments where their prey lives

The rat snake is a medium to large nonvenomous snake that is common in the US. The black rat snake and the gray rat snake are the snakes most commonly found in Alabama. The rat snake eats primarily rodents and small birds. They are often found in rural areas that are near forests and within barns as they seek out rats and mice. Young rat snakes are sometimes confused with copperheads because they share a similar pattern. Rat snakes try to avoid humans and will usually remain motionless when confronted, although some adults will strike to protect themselves. Before striking many snakes have been known to coil and vibrate their tails in dead leaves in order to simulate a rattle.

I was pleased by their professional appearance and service. I had them spray my office and my home. They were very thorough and the service was effective.

Sharon, Helena, AL
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