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Red Wasp


  • Red Wasps are a specific type of paper wasp, known for the material of its nest
  • One of the most commonly seen wasps since it likes to nest in or near buildings
  • Nests are open and the ends of the cells are not covered with a cap

Red wasps, are a type of paper wasp and the most commonly seen wasp. This is due to the fact that these wasps like to build their nests in protected crevices that are easy to find in man made buildings. These nests usually appear underneath the eaves of the home and the wasps attacks when they nest is threatened. Each wasp will sting multiple times and stings are extremely painful. If you notice nests around your home or see these wasps flying around please call Horizons to speak with a pest control professional about your options.

Horizons Professional Pest Control is always on time and the services provided really work. My technician, Jeremy, is so nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Betty, Leeds, AL
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