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Roof Rat


  • Despite the name, black rats can be light brown to black with smooth fur and are also known as roof rats
  • Smaller and sleeker body compared to the Norway rat
  • Black rats are excellent climbers and often nest in the attics of buildings

These rats are originally from South Asia but can be found in Alabama and across the world. Rats are especially adapted to living in close proximity with humans and take advantage of buildings and discarded food. Black rats are well known for their ability to reproduce at a rapid rate, one female can give birth to 40 rats in a year.

Common signs of these rodents is their droppings, which are small, pointed cylinders about 12 millimeters long.  Other signs are grease trails from their bodies, the rats themselves, and shavings from where the rats chew on objects. Rodent’s teeth never stop growing and they must constantly chew in order to file them down.

Eradicating these rats from your home starts with pest proofing and includes both chemical and physical methods of prevention. Call Horizons today to receive a free estimate and learn more about these pests.

Very polite, professional and thorough in their work.

Anne, Alabaster, AL
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