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  • Skunks may have one or several stripes that may be broken into several stripes
  • Skunks are omnivorous but mostly feed upon insects, small mammals, and reptiles
  • Are capable of accurately spraying up to 10 feet

Skunks are small mammals best known for the their ability to spray a liquid with a pungent odor. The striped skunk and the spotted skunk are the only two skunks commonly found in Alabama. Skunks can actually be a great because they eat many insects and small rodents that are considered pests. However they often get into garbage and basements. And the risk of getting sprayed is not worth their positive traits.

Skunks are closely related to the ferret and a pest that should be given a wide berth. They are known to feed on many pests and one of the primary predators of honeybees. They are avid diggers and will often burrow under low decks and foundations.

Skunk Spray

Skunks are well known for their anal scent glands. They use these as a defensive weapon when threatened. They produce a mixture of chemicals such as thiol that contain sulfur. The smell is extremely difficult to move and will ward off even the largest predators. In face they have few natural predators except for the great horned owl which has a very poor sense of smell and dogs that do not know better. The skunk will make a display before spraying since they only hold enough fluid for roughly 5 uses and it takes around 10 days to produce another supply. Home remedies are seldom useful against the spray unless they are able to break down thiois

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Faye, Hoover, AL
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