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Smooth Earth Snake


  • Adults are usually 7-10 inches long
  • Diet consists primarily of earthworms
  • Has smooth scales and a pointed snout

The smooth earth snake is a small snake that spends most of its life living in the loose soil and leafs on the forest bottom. These snakes do not pose any danger to humans and have extremely small mouths.

The smooth earth snake is extremely small and loves to hide under logs, leaves and other debris. When these snakes make their way into your yard or basement, they can easily be removed. They are covered with smooth scales and are brown to gray in color. The belly of this snake is whitish in color but there is not a distinct line dividing the top from the bottom.

Horizons Professional Pest Control is always on time and the services provided really work. My technician, Jeremy, is so nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Betty, Leeds, AL
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