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Webbing Clothes Moth


  • The caterpillars feed on natural clothing, especially wool
  • These moths are usually much smaller than food infesting moths
  • Finding dead moths in a closet is a sure sign that your clothes are at risk

Webbing clothes moths are an extremely destructive pest. The adult moths do not actually pose any threat but females enter closets to lay their eggs on the caterpillars favorite foods. This includes any natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and furs, but their most common target is wool. The adults are the most common signs of these pests and clothes should be checked on a regular basis.

Proper maintenance can prevent most moth infestations. Regular cleaning of clothes and frequent checks will keep these moths from damaging your clothes. If you notice signs of these pests, please call a pest control professional to hear about your options.

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Faye, Hoover, AL
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