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Scorpions are arachnids and are related to spiders, ticks, and mites. They are well known for their powerful pincer and frightening stinger. However scorpions in Alabama are no worse than a bee sting and don't normally pose a serious threat to humans.


  • The segmented tail has a stinger used to inject its prey and attackers with venom
  • Scorpions glow under black light and can be easily found in this manner
  • Although scorpions look menacing, they would rather run away from a threat than sting

Scorpion Sting

Scorpions are well armored predators that seem to have come straight out of a nightmare. They are common throughout the world and over 1,700 species have been discovered. Only 25 of these species are known to be fatal to humans and none of them are found in Alabama. The venom is a neurotoxin that paralyzes its victims. The sting results in swelling and pain, but individuals who are allergic to the venom may exhibit more extreme symptoms.

Scorpion Control

Scorpions that invade the home prefer warm and dry areas, during the day they hide in shade and in underground holes. Scorpions are nocturnal hunters and leave little to no evidence so they can often go unnoticed. They rarely interact with humans and most stings are the result of the scorpion being pressed against skin, such as within clothing and bedding. Scorpions glow under black light and an exterminator will often use this method to discover hidden scorpions.


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