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Spiders are sometimes confused with insects but are actually arachnids. Spiders have eight legs, two body segments, and no antennae or wings. While spiders often keep pest populations in control, they are often found in and around homes and can become a pest themselves. Most spiders produce venom that they inject using their fangs, but only two spiders in Alabama usually require medical condition, the black widow and the brown recluse.


  • All spiders have eight legs and either three or four pairs of eyes
  • Spiders produce silk which spiders use for a variety of purposes including web spinning
  • Body sizes range from 0.015 inches to over 3.5 inches with leg spans of 10 inches
  • There are over 40,000 known species of spiders

Signs & Indicators

  • Webs are a clear indicator of spiders, but many spiders do not spin webs
  • A large number of spiders indicates that there is a large number of pests on which to feed

Few people enjoy having spiders around their home. While only two species in Alabama are dangerous to humans, most spiders can inflect painful bites and are undesirable. Spiders that like moist environments will often invade damp areas in the house such as the basement or crawl. Other spiders prefer warm dry areas and will enter areas such as living spaces, attics, and air vents.

Spider Infestations

Many species of spiders thrive in the environments created by a home. The first step to dealing with a spider infestation is to remove their access to the home and create an environment that is unfavorable for them. Our pest proofing service will help seal up any entry ways. Keeping the house clean and devoid of other pests will remove their food sources which will eliminate spiders.

Spider Webs

All spiders are capable of producing silk although only certain species use this silk to spin webs. Other uses for the silk include reproduction, nest building, parachutes, and as a safety rope. Some species will even toss a “net” made of silk. Spider silk is extremely strong for its size and incredibly elastic, allowing it to bend before it breaks. Building spider webs is a complex process using multiple types of silk, and different families of spiders build different types of webs.

Spider Bites

All spiders posses venom which they use to paralyze and attack their prey. The strength of this venom varies, however only two spiders in Alabama are known to be dangerous to humans. The brown recluse is a highly toxic spider but rarely bites humans. It is capable of delivering a bite that can lead to necrosis of the flesh. Brown recluses are relatively rare and most sightings are actually of other common house spiders. The brown recluse is characterized by having a fiddle-shaped mark on its back and only three pairs of eyes. Many spiders have one of these traits, but only the brown recluse has both. Black widows use a extremely potent neurotoxin that affects the nervous system and can cause muscle cramps, seizures, and other serious symptoms. Black widows are easier to identify, the female has a shiny body with a bright red hourglass shape on the bottom of its abdomen.

Common Spiders in Alabama include:

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