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Bees serve a crucial role in the environment by acting as pollinators. In fact no species is more important than bees when it comes to pollination, and people worldwide enjoy the honey made by honey bees. However bees are also known for their stingers, and can become a problem if they nest near humans.


  • Most, but not all, species posses a stinger
  • Colonies live in hives built by the worker class

Many bees, like ants and wasps, live in complex colonies with three different castes of bees. The queen bee who is responsible for laying eggs, male drones, and infertile female workers. These colonies exhibit complex social behavior. Other species, such as the carpenter bee, are solitary and every female is fertile and capable of laying eggs. However, all bees are covered in hair which allows them to be effective pollinators.

Africanized Honey Bees

Africanized honey bees, also known as killer bees, can pose a dangerous threat to humans. These bees are similar to European honey bees but are extremely defensive of their hive and the area around it. They are more likely to swarm and much more likely to sting humans. They are especially dangerous to people with allergic reactions to bees. If you suspect these bees near your home please contact a professional immediately.

Honey Bee Sting

The sting of a honey bee is painful for you but fatal for the bee. The process of stinging rips out the internal organs of the bees and results in its death. Despite this, bees will sting family members and pets that consider a threat. Some individuals are affected more than others. Horizons Pest Control recommends getting tested in a controlled environment so that you can find out whether or not you are allergic to bees.

Common Bees in Alabama include:

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